4 Responses to “Excitement overload”

  1. Elizabeth

    Have her checked out for “spay incontinence”. It’s a real thing easily fixed with medication. Also, she’s super adorable.

  2. Lynn

    Get your visitors to ignore her til she settles down… then always say hello on tiles or vinyl or concrete. It will stop. Its not incontinence, just youthful excitement.

  3. Kristin Nicole

    My 3-year-old male pit does the same thing when he sees my husband (in fact, I submitted a “dog-shaming” photo, too, a couple weeks back). My vet said to do the common sense stuff (let the dog out to pee before guests arrive, keep the “hellos” kind of subdued, etc), but that it really isn’t something to worry about. She said of all the physiological things a dog may have to deal with, tinkling when happy is not high on her list of worries. My husband and I try to find the humor in it, as you have done.


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