13 Responses to “Hold it, hold it!”

  1. catie

    What an absolute beauty 🙂 I can only imagine the awkward positioning this large dog had while in the tub, and managing to not step in it while getting out!

  2. Barb Shanders

    Very clever in deed.. Good dog. She is being considerate by doing it in the bathroom.

  3. c

    Maybe a sweater? My short coated girl likes to run out and run in just to satisfy Mom. But I don’t make her go out in the extreme cold without a sweater. Gotta love ’em…the bigger they are, the bigger babies they are.

  4. Smartypants

    LOL, I had the same response as all of you – she picked a spot with easy clean-up! Good girl, and so pretty! 😀

  5. Alice

    She was an angel to do it in the shower and not, god forbid!!!, a pale wall to wall carpet!

  6. Olyvia

    Ours did the same thing! We were VERY happy he did it in the shower instead of the carpet. We are now seriously considering real POTTY training.


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