7 Responses to “I’m trying to SAVE YOU! Let me save you! OW!!”

  1. linda payne

    When a dog or any animal has been hurt or scared, you have to approach with caution. My mixed doxie was bitten years ago while on a walk, and as much as I loved her and she me, I took extreme caution approaching her, one not wanting to hurt her further, and two for her to get herself together enough to know who picking her up now, because their possibly in pain and shock

  2. Ann Driod

    When my dog raced down wooden steps and broke his leg, he was biting himself in the stomach and penis. I knew he would bit me, but I put my hand inbetween him and his body to protect him. It’s what we do for those we love šŸ™‚

  3. Smartypants

    Hope your hand surgery and recovery go great!

    What a beautiful dog – love her pink collar and jaunty ears. Glad she is Ok after her run-in with the car.

  4. Emmy L

    I have a scar on my hand from the same sort of incident, and it wasn’t even my dog. I just feared if I let her run off she’d get killed. I wasn’t willing to have that picture in my head. I’ll take the injury. Good luck with the surgery.

  5. Leslin

    Dogs tend to nip or bite when they’re under trauma or agitated.. she was clearly in shock.. Glad to know she is alright though! hope your surgery goes well šŸ™‚


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