11 Responses to “Monty the booze-hound”

  1. Sue

    Miss my Sheepies. I was lucky enough to be owned by 3 and they were all such lovable clowns

  2. computiac

    He was going to surprise you and make a special batch. Then he realized the need for opposable thumbs.

  3. Heather & Isabelle Nicole Love

    Love your puppy’s attitude and yours! Doggies r awesome & teach us so much about life! Thank you for this!

  4. Michelle

    I just love this website. Makes me laugh and laugh every time I come for an update. Keep up the good work. All these guys are so cute 🙂

  5. midge

    Grains and malt extract are fine but hops can be deadly for dogs. I’m happy that things are alright for Monty he looks like a sweet dog. Happy Brewing.

  6. Spider's mum

    I couldn’t discipline that face, either. Glad to see he’s doing better – rescues often take time but they’re so worth it!


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