7 Responses to “Not My Cup of Tea”

  1. Smartypants

    I love his expression – “and it has to be served in my pretty teacup too!” 😀

  2. Esther

    My dog ate 2 teabags I dropped on the floor and then ran around in a manic hyperactive state for 3 hours straight. Tea is bad for dogs. Maybe this dog tolerates it (my dog ate a bag of chocolates once and was 100% fine) but I wouldn’t chance it on purpose.

  3. Beth Ann S

    Very adorable dog, and I well understand as my dog is like that with coffee. She tolerated a few “sips” here and there and I thought nothing of it until she started to have tummy trouble. After a month of Pepcid, she gets NO MORE caffeinated, and highly acidic beverages.

  4. Louise walker

    My dog also loves tea, I did worry but have met loads of people who have dogs that drink it and are fine. He’s perfectly ok with it although wouldn’t give home a full cup. He is like this dog tho, if I make a cup he whines constantly until I give him some or not lol.


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