10 Responses to “Sorry everyone! Blame the dog.”

  1. Mike Dougherty

    FYI — A couple of days ago, I ended up on the page of what appeared to be a Middle Eastern group when i tried to access the page. I didn’t stick around long enough (or could read the language of the text) to know more than that.

    • computiac

      I had the same thing. It had some weird music to go along with it. It stated the page had not been hacked, but it was proof that if they wanted too it would be easy.
      There was also some kind of warning about future use of the site, can’t remember exactly what it said.
      I did not linger on the page too long as I did not know if it was some kind of Ransom-ware.
      If it shows again, I will try to get a screenshot of it.

  2. Smartypants

    Glad to hear things are getting better! I thought it was just my internet connection.

  3. Kris

    Missing out on my daily dose of dog-shaming for awhile was worth it to get this adorable photo of your dog! He makes it all better.

  4. Heidi

    So glad you’re back–it’s hard to make it through the day without my “Dogshaming!” (By the way, during the “dark days” of the outage, our internet filters blocked you as (I think) porn!

  5. Shannon

    Every time I come to your website, my ESET virus software gives me a blocked address message for http://img.lakeforestparkhome.info/k? with the IP address of It blocks it as a suspicious address. Not sure if it’s an ad that pops up or what, but you might want to check into it.


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