10 Responses to “Dog with a Death Wish”

  1. JP

    My mini dachshund chased one a few years back. I ran after, about an eight of a mile and finally caught up to them as the coyote turned on her. It saw me and ran again. If I hadn’t hoofed it so hard, she’d be a meatsicle!

  2. Josie

    Yep, that’s what RTs do…my little boy (11 lb runt) hates anything going anywhere near his property, and “marks” an outline of it every dang day! LOL

  3. prinsas

    so glad your puppers isn’t know as “lunch” . .. scares the begeebers out of me! when the little dogs forget their size and the oppositions’ compunction!

  4. Nancy Berg

    My question: Is this a dog with body dysmorphic disorder or simply one bad ass, short legged terror of a terrier on the loose and looking for trouble. Bless his heart, only time will tell. Maybe he’s goin’ YOLO..

  5. Jonna Kay

    I also own a Rat Terrier, and yes, they think they are BAS ASS when it comes to anything else on 4 legs. I have pulled my Jupiter out of dog fights with German Shepherds and other big dogs.


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