5 Responses to “Gift Certificates Are Overrated”

  1. LeAnne

    Contact the issuer of the certificate. As long as long as you can show all the pieces are damaged and not used, they might honor or replace it.

  2. corianne

    oh, Mugga. If they love you enough to put you on DogShaming, they’ll never send you back.

    (and if they do, you can come live with me)

    • Smartypants

      LOL that was my thought too – “I’m the only gift you need!”

      And yes, I bet they will honor it – they mostly just want to know that you’re not trying to present two halves and double it. Also, I bet they have a record of your employer buying it.

  3. mea culpa

    Having an American Bulldog myself I have to wonder what kind of shape the bookshelf is in…


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