3 Responses to “I WANTED THE PINK ONE!!”

  1. Leslie

    Might I suggest you try a toddler/crib mattress next time? I’ve found them to be nicer and often cheaper than large dog beds. You could give it once over wrap with some duct tape to make it a little more durable. It also has the added bonus of the covers being easier to clean and a bigger variety of colors/styles.

    • Stella

      That is a cool idea. You can get crib mattresses for $35-40 at the big box stores.

      I was going to suggest that they stop buying beds and go with folded blankets – maybe multiple folded blankets.

      Then again, my dog not only chews up his bed, he eats the blankets (had to make him barf). He gets comfortable bedding when we are around to keep an eye on him, but no such comfort in his crate (we put blankets under the crate for insulation and some softness). He is his own worst enemy.

  2. Marcy

    I like her “Crown of Fire” (at last that is what it looked like to me) – perfect for a “destroyer”!


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