12 Responses to “In the Name of Science – Help needed!”

  1. Claryn

    Apparently I’m a lot less introverted than I was in high school. I can live with that. As a non-parent who is surrounded by other people’s kids, dogs are hugely like kids – but parents get offended when you tell them that. πŸ˜€

  2. Candace

    My dog ate a chapter of my dissertation. Fortunately, he did not eat any of my data. Whew!

    Good luck, Austin! I hope this generates enough cases for you. (I reposted this via twitter & facebook since I have so many dog lovers & researchers among my social contacts. I hope other do the same.)

  3. Maggie Lou

    Did the survey. It was quick. You could do research on why some dogs are compelled to chew any and everything – all the time – whether people are present or not! Good luck on your project.


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