28 Responses to “No rest for the weary”

    • George

      Yeah, when a puppy, tells you it’s time to get up, you gotta listen because they mean “business”…..

  1. PeanutPup

    What an adorable puppy, that face is too cute!! Dad learned a valuable lesson too……a 3 1/2 month old Corgi’s bladder is not fully developed yet! I’m sure that won’t happen again. Hope you have many wonderful years together!

    • Von

      Some people don’t like to refer to themselves as their dog’s mum or dad, and that’s fine. I doubt the puppy’s feelings are hurt by the term. Let’s not get too upset by one word in a very funny owner-shaming.

  2. Lindsay

    Aww, he’s so cute! Guys, he’s totally owning up to his mistake so quit being so rude.

  3. KristenMc

    Your darling puppy is a spitting image of my little guy (who is now 11) at that age! Enjoy every moment…corgis are such great dogs!

  4. George

    I fail to see the problem. You’re going on about how smart your dog is. Then you turn right around and complain about how it woke you up (when it’s obvious you didn’t want to….)
    Be careful what you ask for…..
    (here’s an option, teach the cute puppy to smack that snooze button for you! I’ve just about taught my dog to let me know when the microwave “bings!”)
    Win Win!! (but only until the dog figures out what “snooze” really stands for!!)

    @Mary Smith…. I’m guessing you don’t visit the internet often?
    This isn’t “judgement”, it’s just making comments. Some trying to be funny, some not.
    I think the “simmer down”, is directed at you.

  5. Alice

    My cat Booger did that to me once, although on my lap while looking straight in my eye. I suspect this nice man’s first reaction was similar to mine. He probably first thought: “oh, Lambeau, you feel so warm!” Almost instantly followed by the dismaying realization that the lovely warmth was WET!!!! Followed by AEEEEEEE!!! ICK! ICK!! ICK!!! (and maybe a few cuss words) as he realized why.


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