9 Responses to “The grass is always greener on the inside”

    • ilisa

      Always always! She passed away this summer soon after we took this picture. We gave her lots of love and hugs and held her paw while she crossed over the rainbow bridge…

  1. Grumpy

    Alwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays on the carpet/rug. Hardwood or tile flooring where its easy to clean up? Nah…where’s the fun in that? Carpet is where its at!

  2. charlene

    Try Cooked Rice and Green Beans. when our baby got old and had tummy troubles that seemed to help.

  3. Amy Williams

    I have hardwood and tile throughout, however, my pup and cats will still find an area rug to puke, or my bed.

  4. Ilisa

    She was a sweet girl! She passed away just a short time after this picture. She got lots and lots of love!


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