5 Responses to “The world’s biggest alarm clock”

  1. Hope

    I wonder if it’s the breed? My son’s Vizsla does the same thing. You don’t necessarily need to be sleeping late though. If he would like breakfast, he will start crying at 4:45 am. I often wake up and hear him come to the open bedroom door to see if anyone is up. He will leave and return a short time later. Some days he will do this 4 or 5 times before the crying starts. Dustin sure is handsome.

  2. george

    Certainly the cutest clock.
    I made the mistake of giving my dog a couple of treats in the morning so she had something in her stomach.
    Now she wakes me up EVERY morning, very early. And she knows I have trouble sleeping.

  3. Dale B

    We had a Vizsla for 13 years and he slept in the bed, everyday, under the covers… Carlo would when we come home would greet us at the front door with either a shoe ( never destroyed ) or a piece of clothing.


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