20 Responses to “This didn’t need a sign. OH MY DOG!”

    • MsBono

      Ugh! Except my labmix pulled up and shredded the linoleum in less than 3 hours when he accidentely shut himself in the bathroom. (You don’t want to even know what he did with over 17 rolls of T.P.)

  1. Jo

    You were wanting to replace it, right? They were watching “Love it or List it”, and decided to give a hand with the renovation. Love the “guilty dog” look in the blonde’s eyes.

  2. Sally Forth

    Well this makes me feel a bit better about my two destructive beasts, they prefer anything with stuffing including couches and cushions but have moved on to electronics and remotes.

  3. Jennifer M.

    I always laugh thinking about what goes thru dogs minds when they do stuff like this!!

  4. SchnauzerLand

    Yikes! I wouldn’t know what to do if I came home to that. This is probably the worst act of destruction I’ve ever seen lol


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