6 Responses to “Wilbur the Wimp”

  1. Ginny

    What breed is he? He looks exactly like my dog that the rescue group said was a ‘lab mix,’ but I’ve had labs before and there may be a smidge but I want to know what the mix is. 🙂

    • Pittie Mom

      Ginny, I think Wilbur is a Pittie or Pittie X. My soon to be 10 yr old pup is a Pittie/Aussie Shepard X and when I adopted her at 8 wks, she was a “lab mix”. Your pup must be a real cutie seeing that he looks just like Wilbur.

      • Ginny

        thanks for confirming what I’ve been thinking he was mixed with. My dog is a cutie and a snugglebug-I couldn’t be happier with him!

    • kaitie

      Sorry it took me so long to reply he’s a pittie mix, he’s a great dog and a total wimp lol!


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