3 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays – Joe, the cat”

  1. Maria

    FIV cats can live perfectly fine with non-FIV cats as long as there are no bad fights. The more you know….

  2. Spider's mum

    One of our cats had FIV and as long as we were careful he was fine.
    Hopefully Joe the cat will find a forever home, and go Elizabeth. You are AMAZING!

  3. Casey

    FIV positive cats can easily live with negative cats as long as no one is bitey. Heavens, it’s really no big deal for cat-friendly cats! I have a positive and a negative living together for years, now – and yes, the negative is still negative and always will be because they love each other (and yes, they do roughhouse – it’s all in play, so perfectly safe).


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