23 Responses to “Beagle owners will totally get this one!”

  1. Shannon

    My beagles once ate an entire bag of Hershey’s mini chocolate bars!!!! It was so bad we took him to the vet because he ate wrappers and all.. he was fine. lol

  2. Janice

    My dog ate a my neighbors dinner off her counter when we stopped by last week. My neighbor was not amused, my dog was so proud.

  3. Laurel

    Dachshund owners can relate, too! We have a doxie that regularly unzips luggage to see what goodies he can find.

  4. Janice

    Oh my, my beagle is so guilty of this. She has stolen a whole cake in a box, eaten the box, then the cake. Pulled a birthday cake off the kitchen bench and eaten it all. Regularly steals fruit. Ate a pumpkin from the garden, eats cherry tomatoes off the vines, even the green ones. Beagles are naughty, but so lovable.

  5. donna

    My beagle has eaten a whole loaf of bread, a whole bag of bagels, a whole bag of English muffins, ennumerous protein bars, and I’ve lost count of how many times he’s broken into what I consider a very secure food bin.

  6. Kerri

    We had a beagle that ate a 4 lb roast off the counter top when we ran to the store. We were gone no more than 15 minutes and the whole thing was gone. Beagles are furry little garbage disposals. Love those faces and sweet personalities though.

  7. Suss Walding

    You have to own a Beagle to really understand how naughty ,cheeky, smart and bloody hilarious they are .We have 2 and every day we have a new misdemeanor………..

  8. BigDogMom

    And don’t you just love the face they make when they are busted!?! My Beagle is 15 and she would run an agility course and solve a calculus problem if she thought there was a piece of kibble in it for her!

  9. george

    Yep… Beagles, possibly the most perpetually starved dog breed in the world.
    I lost sticks of butter, bag of those little Halloween candy bars, package of (dry) cracked pepper gravy mix (now that must have been yummy..), good grief, the list is endless.
    She was a fat little porker too.
    Get a treeing walker coonhound. They’re like beagles, (weakness:pizza) but tend to stay naturally thin. Plus, they’re a little smarter.

    • Gail Gutierres

      Let’s see. My lucy got up on the table at my mother In laws and ate two sticks of butter a beef teriyaki stick and all an eggroll countless pieces of food dropped by my son when he was little. She also liked to try to French kiss him when he was a baby. She has also eaten chicken bones and yes I know how bad that is but if you have a beagle you know that their tongues become forty feet long and they can use those front paws to pull push and open anything…..best dogs ever

    • FireMedicRetired

      Please, not a little smarter. My 15 year old Beagle has slowed down. He used to jump our four-foot chain link fence, from seating, with a single bound, and only his back legs would touch. He would “go shopping” from the kitchen pantry, bury everything he could (cans, boxes, bags of dog treats, 50 POUND bags of dog food, etc.). We would find CHEWED UP cans of dog food, emptied by his his own genius and jaws. To this day, I use one as a pencil holder. You cannot buy that kind pencil holder anywhere. Highway, our Jack-a-Bea (Beagle and Jack Russel mix) is not anywhere near as smart as Bailey, the Beagle, as Highway is all Jack Russel in his head. Bailey’s does not see or walk as well as he used to, but his nose still works exceedingly well, and it leads him to food every time, whether that ‘food’ is a dead varmint, dog food, or ‘people food’. IMHO, dogs and horses are the best animals, and they will both take advantage of you when you are not looking, and always come to your side when you are not at your best.

  10. Kim Stone

    Snowball is quite cunning. I had remnants of peanut butter crackers in my purse. He made off with my purse.
    Brining in the groceries is challenging. He made of 3 times with the same package of sausage.
    He keeps treasure troves all around the house. You never know what might be under your pillow.
    I wouldn’t trade him for the world.
    Crazy Beagle

  11. Malanae

    Caught my beagle standing on the kitchen counter with his nose in the crockpot. A few seconds later he would have burned his nose on some very hot soup. One of the many deeds he pulled even in his old age.

  12. Dea Herring

    Our elderly lady beagle is kept company by a four-year old, just-off-the-track greyhound. What one can’t reach any more, the long-legged one does! Oh my, how fast they became an unbeatable team!!

  13. Makaylaa

    OMG that is so funny I cannot believe that I have up OMG that is so funny I cannot believe that I have a pugand she eats everything

  14. sheila

    so funny.. our beagle is the same way! Just when we think our garbage is beagle proof she finds a way to to to get into it.She will whine shake her head and sneeze when the stare down while anyone is eating doesnt work. Positive note…my floors are soooo clean!


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