8 Responses to “Bed Buddy”

  1. Re Sisk

    Both of my boys LOVE moms bed and will not even get near their dog beds for anything . If I go to bed they look at me like,MOOOOOOOOOOOOM Were sleeping here how rude.” lol love my 2 furbabies Bo-nJake

  2. Jennifer

    I’m with Tillie. I looooove my Tempurpedic mattress. For some reason, my dog does not. Tillie, you can come and stay with me on my bed anytime.

  3. Coco B

    My 7lb Yorkie can take over our entire king size bed and two comforters. As long as he is warm and his little bones are comfortable all is well. And yes he is terribly spoiled.

  4. Kat Tip

    My wonderful mini schnauzer loves mom’s bed. So much in fact that she takes it all for herself. But she is very generous and gives me a nice foot or so for my sleep. Yes. She is spoiled. However, I think she just likes mom’s warmth during the night. <3 Or so I want to imagine.

  5. Lucille

    we had a Boston Terrier rescue dog, Tillie, who loved our Sleep Number bed as much as we do. We miss her so much!

  6. computiac

    All dogs deserve a comfy couch to watch TV from and nap on.
    They also deserve a comfy place to sleep at night even if its not their own.


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