11 Responses to “Delicious, delicious tissues”

  1. Erin

    Our boy loves snot, too. It’s one of the reasons he likes little kids so much — their faces dispense this really awesome “sauce”! :p

  2. Tracy

    My Tasha was the same way. If your pants were on the floor and halfway across the room from where they had been, you knew she had been looking for tissue in the pockets. RIP sweet Henry.

  3. Galahun

    My sympathy for your loss.
    I used to have to place all waste baskets on tables to keep my Buddy out of them. If they were too tempting, he’d knock the over and go after that lovely snot and tissue delight.

  4. Laura

    My dog does the same thing. And the last thing you want to do when you are sick is get to throw every tissue away so I find that the drawers of the end table and night stand are full of snotty tissues.

  5. luv4doxies

    Henry, there is an “All You Can Eat” Tissue buffet up there. I believe ALL mini-dachshunds looove dirty tissue!

  6. Nessa

    Sorry for your loss. I’m sure he was a great dog and well-loved–just look at that face!


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