14 Responses to “Elwood the front door pooper”

  1. Donna DeWeese

    Elwood has such an intelligent, dapper, and distinguished appearance, I believe he is lord of the manor. Why would he poo anywhere except his private poo chamber (courtyard to mere humans)? I envision Elwood in a smoking jacket perusing a leather covered volume, with a fine old Amontillado decanted to a Waterford stem by his side.

  2. Ellie

    Elwood said it a sign of welcome, so other dogs and people know where to find him

  3. Pittie Mom

    Very handsome pup.. Is Elwood an English Staffie? That bit of frosting on his face just makes him look even more distinguished. I’m guessing that you are quite cautious taking the first step from the house.

  4. Laura

    Having recently cared for an abused rescue dog, I have now learnt that dogs feel most vulnerable to attack when going to the toilet and will only do this somewhere they feel safe. Is Elwood a rescue – it might explain his behaviour.


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