8 Responses to “Just Checking!”

  1. Grumpy

    Farts turn into sharts in the blink of an eye. He’s just making sure its all clear back there.

  2. Jennifer

    So funny….what a beauty! He looks exactly like our rescue Guiness! May I ask what kind of dog ??

    • Jen

      I wanted to ask what kind of dog he is too…my rescue puppy looks like a miniature version of him!!

  3. Smartypants

    Aww…he looks so solemn – fart-checking is serious business! What a handsome fellow. Love his brindle coat.

  4. Don

    Crazy!! Looks exactly like my Zoe I got off Petfinder. Shes from Kentucky, and the wonderful woman who saved her insists shes a short hair Dutch Shepherd/lab mix? But my vet says Pit mix?


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