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  1. Stephanie

    One of my beagles does this. As long as I get a collar with a metal clasp he leaves it alone. He loves eating plastic.

  2. Lisa W.

    My beagle did this when he was teething – not his own, but he chewed off all of his brother’s collars by eating through the cloth of the collar. The older brother (Shih Tzu mix) also did that as a puppy and younger dog with all of his collars. The beagle decided to eat through the cable for the TV hook-up twice and ate the cord that connected the cable box to the outlet as well – fortunately he did not injure himself or worse. He is a bit over two years old now and does not destroy collars and cords any more. He always had lots of chew toys and bones, but preferred collars and cords, I guess. So take heart, he may just be teething. And I have owned beagles for over 20 years – they seem to take a while to leave the puppy stage, somewhere between two and three years of age from my experience with the little darlings. I love beagles!!!

  3. Corrine

    Definitely invest in a Lupine collar. Our lab chewed through a leash and we mailed that back to them and they mailed us a new one.

  4. Holly

    With Lupine you can even take the busted one to the store you bought it from and they will give you a new one right then and there! AWESOME company!

  5. Molly

    Get him a Lupine collar. They stand behind their products. My little guy chef through his collar and they sent him a new one.

  6. Yarrow

    unless the dog goes outside unattended (through a doggy door or is put outside in a fenced yard) there really isn’t a reason to keep a collar on indoors. if you only put it on when you go on walks, or are out and about to go on short errands then he will have less time to chew it off…

  7. Pam Beach

    My beagle/JRT mix has eaten three harnesses in two weeks. We were preparing to go on vacation, so we had her wearing them in the house to get used to them before sending her to Grandma’s house (where there’s no fence). She can destroy one in five seconds flat!

  8. Galahun

    What a cutie! Have to love those hounds and their stubborn ways. Definitely invest in Lupine collars and leashes, they have a great guarantee as well as attractive patterns. They are the only collar brand I have purchased for 20 years. If it starts to smell after a while, wash with doggy shampoo, it gets out the doggy odor better than detergent.

  9. Kristen H

    @Yarrow – Please don’t make that suggestion again…. Dogs do need their collars even inside for a number of safety reasons. Most notable being in case of an accidental escape! It happens1,000’s of times a day, every day of the year. A door or gate left ajar, window open and squirrel outside, and guests don’t pay same amount of attention to protecting our pets as we do…I’m careful and it just happened to me last week with a garage door mishap. And get this.. the dog’s collar was off because I had been grooming earlier and didn’t put it back on immediately. What a close call, I was lucky he hung around until I discovered him missing from the yard because we have busy streets nearby! And there is only about 30+/-% of recovering a dog without a collar AND tag with current phone number. Microchip does increase this number, but even a microchip is not a guarantee of return for too many reasons to list here. Most people don’t realize the MC is not a save all every time.
    Thanks for considering my concerns.

    @Luca Scissor Teeth – have you tried Bitter Apple or Bitter Yuk ? Can work miracles. Invest in a bottle $9approx. He will eventually stop trying to chew them if you re-apply it everyday (or other day) for a week or two. I did have a dog that bitter apple only worked for a while, then he got used to it and we moved up the bitter yuk which worked until he grew out of the habit.


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