16 Responses to “No Thumbs? No problem!”

  1. Coco B

    Goose Breast, salmon, cold pizza opens and closes the door. No shame in that game. And yes I want to come over as it is obvious you all have excellent taste and discerning palates.

  2. Elaine

    Wow, smart dog you have better keep an eye or two on him, LOL…
    He definitely knows what good food is about and feels no shame on eating the finer things in life!

  3. Jennie

    You know they should market “child locks” as “doggie locks” for the fridge…LOL at least your dog is smart.

  4. george

    Beagles don’t know the meaning of the word shame.
    They do know the meaning of “love” & “cute” though.

  5. nerd1951

    I use to have a beagle that figured out how to open the kitchen cabinets. I had to put child-locks on them. Then we got another beagle puppy to keep her company. The second dog figured out how to open the child locks.

    • JacquieV

      Haha! That’s why my husband says no second dog! The first one is smart enough at getting in the cabinets!

  6. Betsy

    Awww, just look at that sweet face! He looks remorseful to me. I think the cat framed him.


    Beagles appear all silly and innocent and can’t figure out how to do a darn thing you ask them to… then you turn your back and they are NINJA.

  8. marykwitte

    As this pooch’s Mom, I can tell you that Milly is incredibly clever & incredibly hilarious. Also she is totally like a NINJA when it comes to stealing food. We’ve since put a hasp lock on the fridge, much to her dismay!!!


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