13 Responses to “The Big Bad Wolf”

  1. Ellie

    Ok, now that the grammer has been corrected. Sweet looking dog, he just wanted to be part of the gang.

    • DogMom

      Perhaps English is a second, or even third, language? In which case, the author likely speaks more languages more fluently than the trolls who come to criticize.

  2. Dr. ABC

    Folks, I’m an English professor and even I didn’t feel the need to correct their grammar.

  3. Perplexed

    It’s amusing and sad that some people feel compel to condescend others. This isn’t English Composition. Calm down. Be nice. Enjoy the cute doggies!

    Zeus is adorable! Thanks for the shaming, Zeus’s human.

  4. Laura

    I love his face! Zeus is clearly a problem solver. Maybe now he can find a way to get rid of hateful trolls…

    • Smartypants

      I agree – this is a LOLsite, not Strunk & White.

      Zeus looks like Petey from the Little Rascals! He just wanted to join. 😀

  5. ...

    You know. It’s not nice to put people down. I have dyslexia. I try my best. But to have people say things like this is hurtful.


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