6 Responses to “The Great Banana Showdown”

  1. corianne

    Well, bananas ARE full of vitamins and minerals, especially potassium. Not to mention the fiber. Hot dogs are full of things that aren’t polite to talk about. Maybe Buster was being health conscious.

  2. Hev

    Bananas are wonderful for dogs. We give ours dried bananas (homemade so no surgar on them) instead of bones most of the time. We still give dental bones for help with teeth, but they love the bananas more.

  3. Anna

    My chihuahua LOVES bananas. If I am eating one she sits beside me with laser eyes threatening to kill me in my sleep if I forget to give her the last bite.

  4. Dana

    My Walker hound can be chased away with a banana, even if it hasn’t been unpeeled yet. Kryptonite for Max! So this really cracks me up because he won’t even go near one, let along hang on to it for so long. 🙂


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