15 Responses to “This isn’t a bed?”

  1. Linny

    I do not know who is more lucky. You for adopting Sir Percival, or Sir Percival for getiing you. Best wishes! The floor can be cold and that could be why he is elevated. He may also understand that beds are elevated. Wishing you lots of love, tummy rubs and kisses.

  2. Jennifer M.

    I love reading the ones about rescues…..makes me soooooo happy! And I get a laugh, too!

    • Smartypants

      Yep – as a former lab animal, he’s now acting out his victory over cages – “Ha! I sleep on top of the cage now!” 😀

      He’s beautiful and clearly getting all the pampering he deserves. Good boy.

  3. Bonnie

    Also, the crate may remind him too much of the cages he was locked in at the research facility.

    • Galahun

      LQTM! Now if Percy starts wearing a long silk scarf……..

      Bless all of you who rescue. Recycling is a good thing.

  4. Amy Williams

    Love his name, love his face and love you for giving that sweet baby a family.

  5. D wilson

    OMG!!! That’s so telling…don’t you get it??? He slept in the second kennel up! Think about it??!! That’s his normal? Or the world he knew…. Thank you for sharing that picture. Now love him off that 2nd kennel onto the futon….you both deserve it!

  6. Deb

    Bless you for rescuing Percy from the lab. I don’t even want to know what they were doing to him there as I’m sure it would make me cry. Glad to see he has found a loving furever home!


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