5 Responses to “Tongue-Eye coordination needs some work……”

  1. Linda Hickey Bribiesca

    My Jack Russell would just lay there and lick the comforter with no attempt at cleaning herself. I never figured out why but she loved doing it and that was enough for me.

  2. Erin

    OMG! My lab cross has the exact same problem! We come home half the time to a soaked couch!

  3. Tuli's mom

    What a coincidence, my Boston Terrier has the same problem. Only she does it when she’s under the covers of the bed, so it can be a surprise at bedtime.

  4. Shari D.

    My chihuahua used to do this. It’s a medical issue. After I got her checked out by a vet, I used Zymox shampoo and rinse and it fixed her need to lick her paws and forearms.


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