6 Responses to “You got 10 seconds! 10…9…8…”

  1. Claudette

    Must be related to a dog I had. She would sit in front of the door, woof once ,then stare you in the eyes and pee if you did not run to open the door!

  2. Jmper

    Must be a distant cousin to my cat. (very distant lol) If I don’t feed her at 6am or 6pm sharp she will puke on my carpet next to me.

  3. Martha Donaldson

    And we do what they tell us to do because their ‘paybacks’ are hell – and stinky and hard to clean up. And they Know that – the little darlin’s.

  4. Coco B

    When hubby comes home our Yorkie runs to greet him. If hubby takes too long to come our turns his back and refuses to greet him.


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