2 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays – Callie”

  1. Dana

    Aw – what a sweet girl!! My senior girl (12 year old beagle and probably dachshund mix?) who we adopted this past August is the same way – she doesn’t behave like a senior at all, and she’s my little spitfire.

    Callie will make someone a great friend, so fingers crossed for her!!

  2. Pupfly

    She’s adorable! I wish I still lived out that way. And that we didn’t already have 3 dogs in the house. We adopted one in November & I wanted to get a senior dog. We ended up with a three legged adult dog (he’s 6) because he was the right fit with our dog. Now we have my brother’so dog while they look for a place to live.
    Hope she gets a loving home soon.


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