14 Responses to “Doggone it!”

      • Linda S

        I once had velcro for the fridge which was a baby proofing thing. Just sticks on the side and the other piece sticks to the door. Then there’s a “strap” that connects them. Wasn’t strong enough if I remember, but check out baby or dog proofing supplies.

      • midnightsunshineak

        Sorry, I just say this. I glued a strip of the passive side to the side of the fridge and another strip of the active side to the door. When I close the door I just press the active side on the the fuzzy side.

  1. cheri

    Well I am sure the cold air from the fridge being open makes them have to pee………

  2. Jan

    Bungee cords around the fridge and some of those dog toys that you put treats in might help. The hidden treats in the toys will occupy their time.

  3. computiac

    My Lab was notorious fro opening the fridge and stealing pizza.
    His other snack of choice was a loaf of Italian bread left on the counter.


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