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  1. Grumpy

    I always ask the Vet if there’s a liquid instead of a pill…..and am usually told no.

  2. MomOfPupsAndBoys

    We alternate hot dog bits with no pill, and hot dog bits with half a pill. Sometimes, we just open the jaws, drop the pill on the tounge, close the mouth, hold the snout, and then blow on the nose while stroking the throat. Once the pill is down, he gets the hot dog. Lately, he is opting for ignoring the pill.
    Only do this if your confident. Most dogs will tolerate mom messing with them if she does wih firmness, gentleness, a kind voice, and a pre/post treat.
    We’re on our 4th week of respiratory issues,too.

  3. belladancersf

    I put the pill in cream cheese (I find the whipped kind works best) and scrape it off behind the dog’s front teeth.
    Good luck!

  4. P Conway

    Your Vet can sell or give you a doggy pill gun. It is a small plastic tube that has a plunger at one end and rubber tip at the other that holds the pill. You can put it in the back of their mouth, then hold their mouth closed while blowing short breaths in their nostrils and gently rubbing their throat. Your vet can show you how. Hope this helps!

  5. Jan

    I use pill pockets made by Greenies. They are apparently very delicious to doggies, and completely encompass the pill, like Silly Putty. Good luck to you and Artemus.

    • catie

      My mom uses Pill Pockets for her dog, he still somehow manages to find the pill occasionally! They even work on cats though, which is quite amazing!

  6. bluhare

    We have a dog we now have to medicate as he’s got a heart condition and a possible brain tumor. He has to have pills twice a day. He refuses pill pockets, cheese, hot dogs, cream cheese, butter, peanut butter, meat wraps, you name it we’ve tried it. The one thing that works? Liver pate. It’s in the meat product aisle and it’s worked every day and we’ve been using it for a month now. The trick is he NEVER gets the liver pate (or anything liver) without pills in it. The other I was told to try, but haven’t yet as the regular liver pate is working, is liverwurst. The smell blocks out the medicine smell.

    When all that fails (and we fear it will), we have a pill gun we got from the vet. That will probably work once — whereupon he will figure out what it’s for and refuse to let us near him.

    He’s a little devil and SO frustrating, but we adore him!

  7. tara

    Wet food works for us. Either wrapping the pill in wet food mush or sticking it in a chunk. Between my two we do pills every other day. Good luck! Let

  8. Dana

    I do two options people have mentioned above – big glob of peanut butter (for heartworm and fish oil capsules, both very large) for our hound, and a meatball of wet food (for heartworm and average-sized capsules for seizure meds) for our beagle mix who doesn’t like peanut butter. Those have helped because both pups can kind of just swallow the blob and not really realize it. 🙂

  9. Jennifer

    I tried everything with my Yorkie. He would eat the food with the pill and then at least 5 minutes later, I would hear him literally regurgitate the pill. Seems so silly, it’s got to be worse coming up than going down but he did it every single time. I finally had to force him to take it and then sit with him with my hand around his snout and stroke his throat. My Schauzer is much easier. He’ll eat anything.

  10. Elaine

    My dogs will take any pill if it’s wrapped in wet cat food. I also only get the two week lasting antibiotic shot at the vet when I can then don’t need to worry with pills.

  11. Molly

    We’ve had the most success putting pills in marshmallows. They’re like crack to my dogs and they wolf them down too fast to realize there’s anything inside. And because the marshmallow is sticky the pill is less likely to fall out.

  12. Matthew

    We have 3 dogs that take many pills daily and what works the best is Cheese Whiz.


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