4 Responses to “I told them not to get a dog”

  1. Cindi

    Bless you for adopting ! So many furbabies need a loving home . We had 3 cats and a 1 year old rough collie when we adopted our dog ! Our house will never be the same ! But sure lots of love and laughs .

  2. Cindy

    Sydney, tell your parents my dog Dayzee does the same thing. She thinks she sees her shadow and bites the heck out of the walls…everywhere! My husband has to walk around with a can of plaster and my vet thinks she has a screw loose…thus Crazy Dayzee!!

  3. Olivia

    My dog used to chew up the walls, so we nick-named him Wally.
    But remember, walls can be repaired.( and painted )


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