11 Responses to “Stop cutting my hair! I’m trying to grow it out!”

  1. Noneya

    It should be, Mommy brush my hair so the groomer doesn’t have to shave it.

    • corianne

      I’m not sure what kind of dog Miss Emmy is, but she looks like a shih tzu mix to me. Shih tzu hair doesn’t stop growing. It doesn’t matter how well or often you brush it, they need to be groomed every six weeks or so–unless you’re doing a show cut, which is an insane amount of work.

      Emmy, if the hairdresser isn’t giving you the cut you want, you should change stylists.

  2. Ana

    hey!!! I hope the owner reads this. The same happened with my dog. Turns out the groomer was new and didn’t know how to handle dogs. He probs hit my dog and it was depressed.
    Make sure everything is ok!

    • Coco B

      Definitely check on the groomer. I have to take my dog early to finish quick so he doesn’t get upset.

  3. corianne

    Just a thought–but my dogs get cold after they go to the groomer. Perhaps Miss Emmy needs a sweater while she adjusts to her new spring haircut.


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