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  1. c

    I USED to have an issue with a dog doing this and eating Kitty poo in the back yard. Too many nasty things for them to pick up that way…not to mention possible surgery for obstruction. I fixed that quickly…never let her go out alone and when we went out, Mom had the hose in her hand. She learned “leave it” pretty quickly!

  2. Elaine A

    We never could get our old Jack Russell to touch a stick. He was a 100% rock hound. We could throw a rock in the shallow part of the river and he’d duck his head under water and come up with the same one over and over! His canines were in line with his other teeth by the time he was 7 and you could see the dentin, but the vet wasn’t worried a bit. He died at 14 a happy dog and we mark the site where we put his ashes with one of his beloved rocks. 😀

    Your doggy has a similar proud look and smiley face. Enjoy the fun!

  3. NessaV

    Yep, we had a Cocker who did the same thing. She had nubs of teeth by the time she was 7 but still lived to a ripe old age.


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