9 Responses to “Post-Op Pest”

  1. Dona

    Marley, I knowthe e-collar is annoying but it’s there to help you heal. And the fact that someone took the time and thought to rig it so well shows that they love you very much

  2. Kris

    What a wonderful, creative solution! Marley, you are a lucky dog, although you don’t believe me now. Could start a fashion trend among the doggies.

  3. Kristen

    That is quite a creation. Someone loves you very much, Marley! Leave your leg alone!

  4. Caitlin Herndon

    I’m impressed by the e-collar craftsmanship! It also looks like something Lady Gaga would be interested in, walk, walk, fashion, baby!

  5. george

    Pool noodles would work well here! May not look quite as pretty though…


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