4 Responses to “Runny Runner”

  1. Lesley Butala

    I had a similar experience with the shame game and why- was I feeling the shame ? I didn’t do it! and while I was walking him home while frantically coming up with a game plan how to wash all the poop off while not getting it on me or my furnishings – I was in a panic with all the people I come across – hoping /sweating – please don’t stop to ooh and ahh over my cute little white ball of fluff! who .. wait a mintue – got shit all over him!!! AAUGGH.. I then realized – yes- it still matters what people think! he brings me humility.

  2. Margie

    Ugh! I had one of those…only the poo was of the human variety. Dreadful

  3. mea culpa

    The slob who left the poopy bag in the park is the real shame here… maybe she was just trying to help?

    But probably not. 😉


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