15 Responses to “10 Reasons why we have such a love/hate relationship with our Dachshunds”

  1. Annabelle Havlicek (@MidniteinMke)

    I have a chiweenie. Have doxie/have chihuahua. If the chihuahua isn’t barking, the doxie is. He is so paranoid that I’m going to roll over on him at night when we’re sleeping, he even growls at me when he’s in his crate, on the floor (not even in my bed). His two front paws are deformed and he walks kind of funny. He keeps me laughing.

  2. Jennifer M.

    Aaaaawww! I love my dachshund! She drives me absolutely insane sometimes with her louder than life bark….but she is sooooo sweet.
    This was too funny! Thanks for the laugh!

  3. Dona

    To know a dachshund is to love a dachshund. I adopted my Melanie, a blank and tan smooth mini, at four & a half years old and we belonged to each other for almost 10 years. She was smart, loving, mischievous (especially when it came to food), a serious barker, devoted to us, loyal; a typical dachshund. Thanks for reminding me why we love our dachshunds.

  4. Vic

    we love our Sparky – but Charlie likes when we are out if town bc he can sleep in the nude! It will be 3 years since Sparky showed up- he’s very interested shall we say and sleeps under the covers and inquiring minds (his) want to know! And he’s a kisser! Licker! Cuddler!

  5. john Lawshe

    Bitsy, Sig, Lily, Rose, Daisy, SIngin, Pete, Tina, Corrie, Millie, DIeter, and Angel, say hello!!

  6. Lisa Pildes

    Mable fits this bill…she is and does everything this post describes. In addition, just when I thought I had her pegged as a ham when attempting to photograph her she flatly refused and hid from my i-phone, quickly turning her head as if I were the paparazzi! She is quirky, unpredictable, and down right sneaky. At the same time she understands the English language, has a great sense of humor and is absolutely brilliant. She is my true love.

  7. Debbie

    Have had a lifetime full of pet Dachsies of all personality types, from angelic to monster. But no one else better call them monsters… love Dachshunds dearly!

  8. Nancy

    Woof, My Doxie, is very sneeaky too, and she pees on the Mango”s in the Yard ! She’s very loud, when she barks ! But she has the heart of a LION ! I couldnt live with out HER< NO MATTER WHAT, she does ! I laugh everyday, because of WHO she IS and WHAT SHE IS ! DOXIES RULE !


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