11 Responses to “Batdog redecorates”

  1. Stacie

    Good thing you are SUPER cute!! I hope staying home alone gets less scary soon.

  2. James

    Take him for a long walk, get him tired, play with him, and he will not act up. I understand there’s not enough time in the day. But we have to make time for them your his guardian.

    • Elizabeth

      She’s fostering the dog. I bet she knows a thing or two about rehabilitating shelter/rescue animals. Sometimes a long walk just doesn’t cut it. I’ve had a few fosters that had incredible separation anxiety, but the humans have to leave sometimes and deal with what happens when we get back.

  3. Ellie

    Thanks for fostering the little sweetie, I’m sure in time he will lean when his peole leave they will come back.
    thank for all the patience and kindness given by the fosters.

  4. Cindy

    Remember, he might be Bat Dog, but you are the HERO here for being a foster mom to a helpless homeless animal. Don’t think you are not loved, he loves you and so do we!

    Thank you a million times for having a big heart <3
    Thank you from all of us!

  5. george

    IN the tub. Good dog! Could be smeared all over the place.
    I had a beagle that would go to the kitchen at night when she hard a hard time walking, to pee on the lineloum floor. I always thanked her for that. (But did wish she would go outside, but she was old and hurt)

  6. peanutpup

    What an adorable face! He does look a little bit remorseful, and a little sad over the fact that he went to all the trouble of putting on his batdog cape and then he couldn’t get out of the bathroom to “save” anyone!!

  7. madisonpage

    My first personal dog was a rescue. He had terrible separation anxiety. We tried all sorts of things minus the medicines (I don’t believe in meds for myself less there were no other options). It went away when he became blind from cataracts then passed away from rectal cancer. Still miss him daily.

  8. Isabel

    Poor baby has bad anxiety. Who knows what he was left with before hand. Thank you for opening your heart to fostering this sweet baby. Patience…it’s hard but those eyes are worth it.


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