11 Responses to “Max is perfect…when he’s sleeping”

  1. Robin

    Max needs an “emotional support human”-the equivalent of an “emotional support dog”, so that he can accompany his humans to all places.

    • Jennifer

      I second Prozac. It’s hard to think that our dogs need it but some do, and it can really help alleviate some of the worst symptoms.

  2. Jessica

    Our foster dog has panic attacks. He has chewed through the drywall, pulled the door molding off the door, ate through the curtains, and the blinds. One of my coworkers told me that her daughter’s Pit also has panic attacks as well. Her daughter puts on music for him when she is gone. We started doing this and the panic attacks stopped. He no longer chews though anything and has done much better.

  3. Leslie

    We use Prozac for our pup too. What a lifesaver! It’s made his life a lot more enjoyable 🙂


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