7 Responses to “Technical Difficulties”

  1. Grumpy

    Walkies at work! That’s a homemade leash! No one could be mad at that face!

  2. John Blizard

    Wow! What fabulous ears that pooch has. All the better to hear the fridge door opening!

  3. debbie patton

    He’s still a puppy. It’s so hard to be angry when he’s so cute. If your puppy’s anything like ours, you’ve got lots of “fun times” ahead!

  4. Lindsay Schutz

    At least it was the ethernet cord and not the cable/DVR box during an Indiana Jones movie marathon (yeah, my dad was pissed because the family mutt scrambled everything when she unplugged the cable box in her attempt to see what was inside the television)- then again, I’m one to talk about tripping over the cable box because I myself have done that countless times while trying to play “catch the greased pig” (oops, I mean cat!).


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