6 Responses to “9 ways to prove blondes do have more fun”

  1. christine

    These dogs all seem pretty smart: I would throw. Up on that DVD also, if I were that pretty it is only right to want to look in the mirror, and why should the regal one get up off the couch after a long day of sleeping+

    • Susan

      good points!

      I especially like the defective lab! NONE of our (4) dogs would fetch, and ALL were/are largely lab. They have all been great swimmers, though; no life jackets!

    • Bonnie Cohen

      My labs would watch a ball sail over their heads and then wag their tails and grin. But nobody got off their butt to go get it.

    • Jude

      Ha, ha, ha! None of our dogs like to swim and only like to catch food as it falls.


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