7 Responses to “A Case-y of the Missing Cat Treats”

  1. Linda

    I don’t know – that cat looks pretty sneaky to me! I think he’s blaming that precious Casey.

  2. minicooper10

    Casey is so cute! As for what the cat thinks? “I just don’t see.”

  3. Pupfly

    I think it’s hysterical that both Casey & the kitty are looking at the empty treat jar.

  4. Jennifer White

    What breed is Casey? My pooch was declared Yorkie by the rescue in my town but he clearly isn’t 100%. He looks similar to your Casey so I’m wondering if they’re a similar mix. My guy is 20 lbs. Yorkie face and tail but bigger body and giant paws. grandmother.

  5. Maggie

    I would also like to know about Casey’s breed/mix – he is adorable – by any chance a cockapoo?

  6. Mrs

    That is the most adorable dog! I must have one! Could you please tell me the breed?


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