2 Responses to “Coco brings upon us the end of days…”

  1. Sofi

    Oh Dear, did she really eat one of your chickens in your bed? I must admit I was laughing uncontrollably at that- until i thought about finding my dog in bed with a freshly killed chicken……. At least she is very cute and with those puppy dog eyes and ears like that how could anyone stay mad at her!! O Coco- you have made my day 🙂

  2. Kate

    This makes me glad that my partner and I were able to train our small dogs (at the time, a maltipoo and two adult cairn terriers) to respect our five chickens while they were still living in their brooder in the house. A few good pecks to the nose, tail, or ears and they’ve stayed a good distance away ever since! The new cairn puppy, on the other hand…


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