9 Responses to “Prize Goofball”

    • Smartypants

      Yes, he got to lick new people and then eat the prize? Sounds like the Best Day Ever!

  1. Chris Redmon

    He’s a cutie and rosettes are nice, but the real prize is your “goofball.” I had a Dachshund that was a character and as a show dog, I was never sure what he would do next that was highly cute or entertaining, but definitely not normal dog show behavior. He’d get to the end of the runway and instead of standing up the whole time, he’d wait for the judge to look at him and then sit up while wagging his tail. He ate numerous judges’ buttoneers as they judged him on the table; gave kisses randomly; and was generally always unpredictable in the silliest, cutest, but embarrassing ways. Embrace it. It’s who they are and it makes them special and fun.


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