12 Responses to “Thinking of getting a second dog, here are 10 reasons you shouldn’t!”

  1. Leslie

    The 3 dogs in separate time-out corners is PRICELESS! My dog goes to time-out when he acts up too but to get them to face the corners is amazing.

    • Amy

      We have four funny dogs, each with a different personality (disorder)! The more we have, the more we laugh at them and the more we enjoy them. I have an underground fence system, so they can come and go as they please. Since I don’t want to have to potty train any more children or dogs, I always adopt older adult dogs. They always fit right in, and quickly learn to get along with their new dog pack.

  2. Doublecrispy

    I love the time-out! Mine gets sent to his room for time-out, and he knows EXACTLY what those words mean! When he’s starts getting rowdy I ask him if he needs a time-out and he sits and acts innocent.

  3. debbie patton

    My all-time favorite is the “karma” picture with the two GermanShepherds. Now that I have one GSD, I fully under understand the ass-biting comment. Our female GSD still tries to bite her two human brothers on their butts and just about any other place where human skin is visible. Weirder still is that our male Shih Tzu is always biting our female GSD on the ass. Too weird for words!

  4. Nicole

    #11 The older one will help potty train the younger.

    In reality the younger one un-potty trains the older one and teaches him to bark and jump while you try to put the leash on to go out


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