8 Responses to “Four twenties”

  1. Toni

    I am laughing because I have a JRT (who has grown out of the destructive age) – but what gets me, is the collar you have on his neck – ha as if – we tried that too. Good luck! They are sweet babies when they want to be though!

  2. erisgreendragon

    Mail the chewed up twenties back to the Department of the Treasury with your home address. If you really want to give them a laugh, make sure to include how they happened. I am sure they have had many dogs do this. They will replace them for you. It might take a little while but you will get some brand new twenties back.

  3. computiac

    I’m guessing he felt he should be paid for all his hard work.

    I would bring them to the local bank to get replacement’s.

  4. Kelly

    Our JRT did the same thing a few years ago. Except it was a $100 bill. We left it out for a worker and thought they stole it (claiming it wasn’t there.). We then tested the JRT with a $1 bill the next day and sure enough she was eating the $!

  5. Smartypants

    …I love how dog is also sitting on the floor vent – “The whole house should smell like my butt!” 😀

  6. Ellie

    I’ll date myself on this one, but he looks like the RCA victor dog. should be next to an old fashion phonograph/


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