10 Responses to “Guilty look, but no guilt.”

  1. Veru

    Yeah, because she may have been punished for no reason before. Poor little thing, she is so cute

  2. sowingmildoats

    I had an older rescue dog who misbehaved, or acted like she had misbehaved, simply to get attention. It was the only way anyone in her original family paid any attention to her. So sad.

  3. Martha Donaldson

    My little poodle was adopted at 3 months and acted this way a lot. It has taken us nearly two years to convince this little guy that he is loved, cared for, safe and adorable. Lots of cuddling and walking and talking finally brought him around Now he’s outgoing, bright and happy. Good dog.

  4. Mary Heller

    The kind of people that dump their dog at a shelter when they become 10 yrs old, are likely the same types who dishonor their parents in their days of need and care. What a cruel thing to do. I’m glad you found this baby and brought her home. So many people make this world ugly, and people like you make it beautiful again.

  5. Rita

    That’s what I was thinking! Poor baby probably has been punished and yelled at before so she now has a guilt complex. I’m glad you have her now because you really seem to love her!

  6. Grumpy

    Step 1: Look sad or ashamed

    Step 2: Get treats

    Well……..did she sucker you into a treat?


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