7 Responses to “Parents almost freeze to death, dog shows little remorse.”

  1. mary k

    Bless you for the searching…sounds like something most people would not have endured. At least she knew to sit and stay when she finished the chase.

  2. madisonpage

    Glad to know everyone was safe! Funny story tho’. Similar story but not as thrilling as yours: after being homed with us for a few days our rescue pushed through the screen door then took off into the hills to find the wildlife (we lived near a national park). We were worried sick searching for the lit’ rascal. Two hours later, we returned home seeing him sitting on our front porch with the look “Where the hell have you two been?!!” From then on he could only experience BORN FREE in our enclosed yard. LOL!

  3. Peggy

    Aww, he looks sorry! Well, no not really, but I’m sure he is! What a sweetie, he’s lucky to be so loved.


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