5 Responses to “Smarter Than The Crate”

  1. Caroline J

    So did my dog. He managed to open the crate (both bits), get out and flood the house.

  2. Harley

    I think my puppy is the same breed as yours. To stop him to bite or play with things he shouldn’t, I bought him lots of toys and every time he wanted to play with a couch or something, I would throw him the toy to play fetch or for him to buy it instead. Also, slap him slightly in the head and say “no”

    • Carolyn

      Saying no is fine & offering toys…but you should never hit or slap a dog!

      It looks like a Bichon to me. A bored bichon will definitely find something to do.

      Treat dispensing toys that you can fill with the dog’s meal kibble & the dog has to work to get the kibble out by rolling the toy or batting the toy are also great for using mental energy (& it doesn’t add extra calories if you use the food you were going to feed anyway)!


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