Eight dogs (and one cat) who aren’t down with technology | Dog Shaming

Technology evolves at an alarming rate. Some pups think we should put down the iPad and smell the roses. well, you should put the iPad down anyway, it’s broken.


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2. They might even think robots suck. Plus, AI is just one step closer to becoming man’s best friend and thus making dogs unnecessary!




3. They definitely think we spend way too much time in front of our screens. We could be going for walkies!




3. Seriously, turn off The Sims.




4. You keep watching a Charlie Brown Christmas, but you got a real-life Snoopy right here!





5. Might want to call tech support.




6. I fixed your technological dependencies; don’t fix it! You’re free!




7. Well, we all knew cats were evil before we let them into our houses (like we had a choice, he was holding the kids hostage).



8. Some dogs actually enjoy computers! Who am I kidding, that is totally a treat-face.




Has your dog recently freed you from the shackles of technology? Tell us about it!

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